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With over 40 years of experience we set ambitious goals and strive for excellence

What we can do for you ?


We offer a wide variety of Engineering services



• Tool room work
• Die manufacture
• CNC Turning, Milling (3axis & 6axis)
• Arc, Tig and Mig Welding
• Fabrication
• CNC Wirecutting
• CNC Spark eroding
• WaterJet cutting
• 5 Axis Engraving 



• Manufacture of COR Building Drums to customer specification – AsD Patent
• Refurbishment of REC, Inertia and Knockdown Tyre building drums.
• First and second stage Tyre Building Machines
• Bare-metal refurbishment
• Upgrades and Retro Engineering
• Ancillary equipment e.g. Stitcher units, servicers, etc.
• Bead Ring Manufacture
• Clamp Ring Manufacture 
• Mould Manufacture 



 Tyre Presses
 Bare-metal refurbishment 
 Upgrade and Retro Engineering
 Tyre Presses ancillary equipment
 New Autoloaders - A&D Patents
• Unloaders
 Steam plattens
• Enhanced centralization kits
• Post cure inflation units
• Valve Remanufacture to original standards
• Mould manufacturing
• Container Manufacture



Tire uniformity, indefectibility and quality greatly depend on tire curing molds. We offer a wide range of tire curing molds for world leading tire manufacturers.

Container Mechanisms

Container mechanisms form the backbone of the whole curing mold system and make the system work smoothly.We manufacture Container mechanisms in various types and sizes


Spare part support is a crucial part of our customer satisfaction policy. Therefore, we are fully capable of providing any spare part that you need at the right time. Our after sales service also includes maintenance support which consists of mold modification and repair services.


Sidewall Plates

Sidewalls are non-reinforced extruded profiles with additives to give the sides of the tire good abrasion resistance and environmental resistance. Additives used in sidewall compounds include antioxidants and antiozonants. Sidewall extrusions are nonsymmetrical and provide a thick rubber area to enable molding of raised letters.

The sidewalls give the tire resistance against the environment. Sidewall plays an important role in strengthening of tire.


Tread Sectors

The tread is a thick extruded profile that surrounds the tire carcass. Tread compounds include additives to impart wear resistance and traction in addition to environmental resistance. Tread compound development is an exercise in compromise, as hard compounds have long wear characteristics but poor traction whereas soft compounds have good traction but poor wear characteristics.

A variation to the completely milled profiles is the combination of lathed tread contour and inserted tread ribs and sipes. With this process extremely high true running accuracy with simultaneously high surface quality can be realized. Additionally this variation has the advantage of replacing damaged tread ribs and being able to mill these ribs in spite of a high quantity of sipes.


PCT Moulds

As our product durability increases continuously, the need as well as the supply of completely milled profiles is rising. In addition to that the continuous demand for higher quality and closer tolerances constantly increase the market for these molds made of aluminum or steel.

The separating lines between the single segments have a tight tolerance, so that the gases can escape but a discharge of the rubber mixture is impossible. Therefore the outer surface of the tire is smooth all around and any refinishing of the tire is eliminated afterwards.


Injection Moulds

The principal advantage of injection molding is the ability to scale production en masse. Once the initial costs have been paid the price per unit during injection molded manufacturing is extremely low. The price also tends to drop drastically as more parts are produced.

Designing a part that’s suitable for injection molding versus one that’s suitable for machining, thermal forming means taking into consideration some of the differences between the various fabrication techniques and recognizing when your project is best suited.

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