Core Services

Mould Manufacturing

We Specialise in Pre-Cure Treatment (PCT) and Casting, Mould Manufacturing for the Tyre Industry.

Side-wall Plate Manufacturing

We Repair and Manufacture Side-Wall Plates Dents and Engraving.

Container Manufacturing

We Do Maintenance, Repair, Refitting and Full Manufacturing of Tyre Container Moulds.


With State Of the Art Technologies and Highly Trained Technicians operating them, You Know that you cannot go wrong.

5-Axis CnC Machining

We Employ 5axis Machining for complex and high Quality and products.

CNC Software

Our State of the art CNC Software, Combines Old and New methods to perform the Complex Calculations Needed for CNC operation.


Intricate and Detailed Engraving can be performed by using our In House Engraving Package and purpose-built Engraving Machines.

CnC Turning

Precise Machining is Done on side-wall Plates with CNC Turning.


With a long List of Nationwide and Worldwide Clients We Can Deliver to your Engineering Needs, First Time, Every time. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Here is a Short list Of Valued Customers We Provide Service to.

Serving Brigestone EU

We Supply Bridgestone Europe with PTC moulds.

Serving Sumitomo Rubber Industries

We supply Sumitomo Rubber Industries South Africa (Formerly Dunlop South Africa) with Complete Containers, Repairs and servicing to them.

Serving Brigestone SA

We Supply Bridgestone South Africa with Complete Containers and Repairs.

Our Amazing Team

With Years of Experience

Vino Rambelli


Andrea Rambelli

Works Manager

Stefano Rambelli

CNC Programing Manager

Dino Rambelli

Systems Manager

Craig Booth

Production Manager

Hilmar Hendrich

Administration Manager

Sandro Bartolomeu

Operational Manager Europe

Kovilan Govender

Sales Engineer

Vaheed Cassim

Factory Planing Manager

Harold Poole

Pre-Production and Verification

With Over Fifty Highly Trained Staff Members Employed To Get The Job Done.

Contact Us

+27 36 633 0820

+27 36 633 2264

46 Progress Road

Ladysmith 3370

Nambiti Industrial Estate




by Donovan Swanepoel for ASD Technotyre

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